Today, you get your learner’s permit and your dad has you drive home. By the time you arrive, you’re shaking like a leaf and yearning to do it again. A taste of that kind of freedom has you wanting more. You’ve been starving for a couple of years now, measuring your success in the numberContinue reading “Fifteen”


One October day, I am launched into unfathomable uncertainty. A decision made between a rock and a hard place lands me back among the monolithic mountain ranges that, despite their breathtaking beauty, make me claustrophobic. I leave behind all I’ve built. I exit my safe space. And I pray to every god that I haveContinue reading “Sanctified”


I surrender to the current of the blood in my veins and it takes me back in time. Back to making friends with ghosts in my toddlerhood bed; back to prophetic dreams of familial tragedy so thoroughly devastating that I would begin tearing myself to pieces before I even hit age five. Coils of skinContinue reading “free”


I began as a body, and then became a doll. Soft infant skin gave way and hardened to plastic. Glass eyes looked on, frozen but aware. My lips sealed shut, ears remained open, limbs susceptible to manipulation. And then one day I went from baby doll to Barbie, glossing myself over to fit better. IContinue reading “dollface”


Questions launch themselves into my mind’s nebulous pool, rippling outward and outward and outward. How do I maintain enough of a barrier to protect my peace without it fashioning itself into a new set of suffocating armor? How do I care for you but care only just enough so that the sway of your seasonsContinue reading “h(a)unted”

the attic part two

Picture my idyllic attic and take notice of the big, black trunk that wasn’t there before. Can you hear its prisoner wailing for release? I don’t think I really meant to lock her in there; it was a kneejerk reaction. But now I don’t want to free her. At least not yet. My white knucklesContinue reading “the attic part two”

(bare) witness

Look. Please, bear witness. I want you to see the virtually invisible seams where I shattered and glued myself back together. I want you to feel one inch tall when you feel the fury beneath my skin and the fire in my heart. I want you to feel the earth tremble as I walk by,Continue reading “(bare) witness”

until next time

Seal it up with a bow when you reap just what you sow when your words are blow for blow please keep your fighting faith I’ve learned that love is give and take nightmares consume me when I wake when I finish burning at the stake please love this broken wraith What is the greatestContinue reading “until next time”

read me

Who am I to sink into the comforts of life when countless others aren’t even guaranteed survival right now? Who am I to bemoan having to take on a second job so that I can get by AND live somewhat comfortably when countless others aren’t even guaranteed survival right now, and I am finally learningContinue reading “read me”


Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Friend. Advocate. Introvert. Ally. Bookworm. Changemaker. Human. My need for productivity has infiltrated my very spirit. Not only do I battle shame when my body is at rest — because I feel I should be creating or working or cleaning or improving — but when my soul is at rest these days,Continue reading “human”

astral affairs

I am a meteor. Through wisps of clouds I see the giant see-saw bathed in blood, one end marked “personal” and one marked “political.” Billions stand by and scratch their heads, adding weight to either side, trying to even it out, trying to make it uneven, trying, trying, trying. I am a meteor, and myContinue reading “astral affairs”


This life is a dream running rampant. The more I try to grip reality by its hackles, the more it eludes me. I’m trying to remember messages coded in the faces of the people I see in my dreams. When I wake drenched in fear and need to turn the light on, what was itContinue reading “becoming”

cake, stories, and ceilings

In our present realm of oppression, it is apparent that anecdotal evidence is not given the esteem it so obviously deserves. We’ve heard voices chiming from corners big and small across the globe for decades now. We’ve read words and witnessed testimonies. We’ve flinched at headlines and chosen realities that are more comfortable, more suitableContinue reading “cake, stories, and ceilings”


Hello twenty-three. What a year you were. While twenty-two was the Year of Change, you were the Year of Growth. Thank you for teaching me that my gut is trustworthy. When I follow my intuition, I am following my truth. When I follow my truth, I am living wholeheartedly. Thank you for helping me discoverContinue reading “23”


As a new decade dawns,I scrub these slates cleanor as clean as they’ll get,stubborn stains clinging cruel; I have to be gentle,so as not to break thembut I refuse to discard themlike some heartless fool. Our slate is most difficultbecause I somberly findtraces of you inhard-to-reach places The notes of a song;the hues of aContinue reading “Slates”


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