Mercedes A. Ziegler

Writer & Storyteller

Hello! I’m Mercedes, native of Utah and resident of Alabama; I live with my friend of nearly a decade, Katie, and our two cats, Penny and Georgie. I’ve adored reading and writing since I first learned how, and have always used the crafting of words as my primary means of making sense of my emotions and experiences. I firmly believe that there is true power in storytelling and lesson-sharing. I’ve listened to and cherished the stories of my family and friends, and have set out to record and share my own in hopes of reaching and inspiring as many people as I can. I am young and have only experienced a small fraction of what the world has to offer — but every minuscule detail contains multitudes of poignant phrases and stirring symbols that are worthy of being put to paper.

Thank you tremendously for being here and bearing witness to my words. It’s an honor to be a fellow human navigating this mercurial, heartbreaking, wonderful world of ours.

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